David Dardashti: Mixing the Wisdom of the Ancients with Modern Medicine In Order to Heal

David Dardashti

Nestled away in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is an unusual clinic focusing on opioid addiction, depression, and an assortment of other ailments.  The clinic’s founder, David Dardashti is more than just an expert in medicine and healing, he is an ordained rabbi, and a pioneer in mixing ancient Jewish wisdom with modern medical knowhow when treating his patients.

“When someone wants to change themselves they must first connect to the source of Creation.  This is really their source and in order to do that they must connect to the Torah and its mystical layers,” David Dardashti says. “When I treat someone or even counsel another person, I first use this ancient knowledge to help me understand the source of their problems.  I know that if I can get to the root of the issues and repair their connection to the source, I can ultimately heal and direct them to a more positive direction in life.”

For David Dardashti, the Torah, Talmud, and the Kabbalah form the basis of his treatment approach.  Many of his patients think they are only going to a detox center, but they soon find that their treatment does not only involve a set of unconventional components, but the deep spiritual guidance cuts to the souce of their ailment.

“I have been learning the Talmud and Kabbalah the oral and mystical aspects of the Torah for 37 years. They are the spiritual blueprint of Creation.  They contain the whole universe with deep insights to how we think and function on both a conscious and subconscious level.”

Dardashti’s idea is simple. Our bodies have within themselves the ability to heal, but as time goes on our minds and bodies become disconnected, burying the natural healing power held within. By triggering the mind with various components such ibogaine, David is able to reach the source of the patient’s challenges and direct him to unlock his potential.

“We never use medicine.  Of course we use special components to get the process going and from their we use the wisdom of the Torah to help heal the patient. We know how to treat addictions, diabetes, and depression. We are seeing great results with patients with alzheimers. ”  It is this wisdom, pulled from years of learning and willingness to challenge the status quo, which has propelled David to become the leader he has.