THE ENEMY WITHIN: Hebrew U Professor Equates Israel to Nazi Germany

Tonight (Thursday) Channel 2 published recordings provided by the Zionist organization Im Tirtzu in which Hebrew University professor, Dr. Ofer Cassif, equated Israel with Nazi Germany during one of his classes, insisting that it was a “fact.”

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg said that this is further proof of the need of an academic code of ethics.

 “Comparing the State of Israel to the most wicked regime in the history of mankind is not only a disgusting display of anti-Israel propaganda, but something more severe than Holocaust denial,” said Peleg.

“This is further proof of the need to fully implement the academic code of ethics, which will restore pluralism and diversity to academia.”

Peleg added: “We are calling on Education Minister Naftali Bennett not to fold under the pressure of radical leftist elements in academia who are doing all in their power to torpedo the code.”

Peleg is referring to Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s proposal about a Code of Ethics, which he announced last week to the dismay of left leaning academics. Since the annoncement, Bennett has been under a tremendous amount of pressure to back down.

Martin Sherman pointed out the two major points of the code:

“The two principle components of the “Code” appear to be constraints on lecturers, restricting them from (a) promoting their personal political views in class and (b) endorsing the boycott of Israel, in general and from calling for an academic boycott against it, in particular.”

Bennett has no choice but to continue overhauling Israel’s academia before it fully poisons the minds of Israeli youth.