Is Turkey Using Russia to Head off a Clash with Donald Trump?

With one little sentence declared by Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, there is now the potential to change many prime players and sides in the Syrian ongoing crisis/war.  While on his first visit to Russia, Yildrim was  quoted yesterday as saying both countries “understand each other better than before.”  Can the end of this arab bloodshed be on the horizon?  As we know, Turkey has been a staunch critic of Assad since the start of the uprising in Syria.

Turkey and Russia have also been backing opposing sides in the Syrian conflict for a long time.  Ankara has been combating ISIS and Syrian Kurdish forces while Russia has backed the Syrian regime dating back to even Assad’s father, well over 50 years ago. Turkey and Mother Russia have not exactly been the “best of friends” especially after the downing of a Russian Su – 24 bomber last year.  

So why is it that the two countries getting closer together? Could it be that Turkey wants to collaborate with Putin instead of Donald? More than likely, Turkey is vying for leverage with NATO and its own role in the coalition against ISIS and a post liberated Mosul.  By visiting Russia now before Donald Trump takes over, Turkey is hoping to gain bargaining power in the unfolding Middle East. This is especially important as it has become clear that it was Turkey’s hand behind the creation and growth of ISIS.  This is a fact that Donald Trump knows all too well.

As Trump gets ready to put strength behind Israel as its most trusted ally in the region, Islamist Erdogan and the Turkish government is struggling to find meaning in a reion soon to be carved up by the USA and Russia.