Everyone in Congress claims to be pro-Israel.

When Keith Ellison, a former Farrakhan acolyte who accused Israel of being an Apartheid state, can claim to be pro-Israel… then the term has absolutely no meaning.

Currently members of Congress who…

1. Are affiliated with the anti-Israel Soros lobby, J Street, claim to be pro-Israel

2. Senators who voted to let Iran go nuclear claim to be pro-Israel

3. Members of Congress who voted to pressure Israel to relax the embargo on Hamas claim to be pro-Israel

… all claim to be pro-Israel.

i think Bernie Sanders is one of the opponents of Israel who hasn’t claimed to be pro-Israel. But it wouldn’t surprise me too much if he had.

The Congressional Israel Victory Caucus wants to make the term pro-Israel mean something again. For a long time, pro-Israel has been sinking into the two-state solution swamp in which supporting the PLO is the best way to support peace and is therefore pro-Israel. The Congressional Israel Victory Caucus takes another stance. It wants Israel to win.

Congressmen Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Bill Johnson (R-OH) will launch the Congressional Israel Victory Caucus (CIVC) at 9 a.m. on Thursday, April 27. The goal of the caucus will be to introduce a new US strategy to re-shape the discourse of the Arab-Israel peace process to be more focused on Israel’s needs.

“Israel is America’s closest ally in the Middle East, and the community of nations must accept that Israel has a right to exist – period,” said Rep. Johnson. “This is not negotiable now, nor ever. The Congressional Israel Victory Caucus aims to focus on this precept, and better to inform our colleagues in Congress about daily life in Israel and the present-day conflict. I look forward to co-chairing this very important caucus with Cong. DeSantis.”

“The current approach to achieving a resolution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict has consistently failed because it allows Palestinian rejectionism to be met by a call for further concessions from Israel, thus pushing peace further away because of the entrenchment of a Palestinian denial of the Jewish people’s right to sovereignty,” said Professor Daniel Pipes, President of the Middle East Forum. “As Ronald Reagan said regarding the US fight against communism, the only way to ‘win is if they lose.’ The launch of the Israel Victory Caucus will help bring about a catalytic change in the way America pursues peace in the region: Putting its allies priorities first.”

That would be the definition of being pro-Israel. If you put the PLO or Hamas ahead of Israel, you’re not pro-Israel. You’re pro-terror.

Originally Published on FrontPageMag.