Hillary Clinton Deserves to Lose Tonight’s Debate for this Reason…

There are so many reasons that Hillary deserves to lose tonight’s debate and therefore the election.  She is part of the neoconservative globalist elite whose goal is to destroy nationhood, individualism, and free thought.  Their main aim in doing so is to uproot the people of Israel from their Land, thus rendering the people of G-d non-chosen.  This is their mission.  If they succeed, the tremendous light that was brought into the world upon the Jewish people’s return to their homeland, would be extinguished.

All of these reasons are enough not to support Hillary. Yet, the above video is perhaps the greatest reason of all. In November 1999, Hillary Cinton found herself in Ramallah with the wife of arch-terrorist suddenly transformed into a statesman Yasser Arafat.  After Suha gave a scathing address against Israel, Hillary embraced her.  This singular event should remind everyone who she is.  Arafat was responsible for killing more Jews post Holocaust than anyone else.  He was the architect of the imaginary Palestinians and a KGB agent.

Hillary and her husband Bill knew who these people were and still saw fit to threaten and conjole Israel into an agreement with the leader of a group of heinous individuals languishing in terrorist exile in Tunisia.  Arafat and his number two the current “President” of the Palestinian Authority Abbas came to Ramallah under the Oslo accords and wasted no time wiping out their moderate opposition. After they accomplished this they began a campaign of brainwashing the “Palestinian” Arab youth that still continues today.

The above image should remind voters who they should vote for, because if she can kiss the wife of the father of modern global terrorism, what makes them believe she has a desire to keep America, Israel, and the world safe.


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