Valerann: The Smart Road Startup Is Now Being Implemented in Tel Aviv

Israel’s Smart Road startup Valerann, is now getting its first pilot in Tel Aviv which will see the Ayalon highway replace the standard road studs with smart sensors. These sensors will relay information in real-time on everything happening on the road.  This data will be used to detect risks and prevent accidents.  Road planners and engineers can use the information to better optimize intersections. The Smart Road System can be used to automate traffic control centers and its wireless sensory and IoT system supports connected and autonomous vehicles.

The Valerann team has been seeing lots of success since it first launched in August of 2016.  They have won numerous awards like Highways UK, the Intelligent Infrastructure Hub 2017 winner,  the Pitch 2017 Awards, and  was selected as one of six winning startups to join the Transurban Smart Highways Challenge & Innovation Lab.

Valerann – Channel 10 from Valerann on Vimeo.

Valerann is testing the system in two other pilots in UK and the US.  These pilots are meant to give the company real-time data to better enhance their algorithm.  If these are successful, expect these studs to be implemented in more areas as autonomous vehicle use begins to expand.

“It is clear to everyone that it would not be right for the autonomous car to work alone,” CEO Gabriel Jacobson said to TOI. “It must work with an ecosystem of technologies and entities and be part of a basket of solutions.”

With Mobile Eye making waves in the autonomous vehicular space and now Valerann, Israel is becoming a transporation tech giant.