WITCH HUNT: Yair Lapid is the Police’s Expert Witness Against Bibi Netanyahu

With the police recommending to indict Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday,  Israel appears to be headed into a period of political uncertainty.  The job of actually deciding to indict the Prime Minister falls to Israel’s Attorney General.  Regardless of his decision and no one actually knows what that decision will be, some background info has been released about the police’s case against the Prime Minister.

One of the more absurd elements of the case is that Yair Lapid, the arch-nemesis and political rival of the Prime Minister has now been revealed to be the police’s key witness. All along Bibi Netanyahu has insisted this is a political witch hunt.  Using the testimony of a political opportunist certainly confirms the Prime Minister’s viewpoint.

Remember, Case 1000 is about the Prime Minister accepting so-called “bribes” in the form of wine and cigars from his friend Arnon Milchan over a 8 year period.  In exchange, Bibi voted to shut down channel 10, costing Milchan his stake in the company.  That does not sound like the gifts influenced Bibi’s positions.  The only thing the police have been able to find is that Bibi helped Milchan get a visa.  Not such damning evidence of bribery.

Then there is Case 2000, which claims that a form of bribery took place between Bibi and Nuni Mozes, owner of leftist rag, Yediot Ahranot.  The claim is that Bibi was to exchange a vote in favor of curtailing Sheldon Adelson’s Israel HaYom if Yediot Ahranot would give the Prime Minister favorable coverage.  It’s true there is a recording of this conversation, but nothing came from it.  To be honest, the media has never played the entire recoding in its entirety, so we are without context.

If there is bribery in these two cases, the police would have to recommend indictments for both Milchan and Mozes, but until now there has been nothing.  This too furthers the suspicions that this is one giant witch hunt.

So why are the police doing this?  Ultimately the police in Israel has been in the pocket of the Deep State since the beginning of the state.  Remember, Israel’s Deep State differs from America’s as it is controlled by 18 oligarch families with fingers in everything.  Bibi has been the one politician that has been able to wrest control of most of the governing apparatus from the hands of these 18 families and in doing so created a long list of enemies.

It’s true that often times this falls along the right-left paradigm, but that is only because these 18 families lean heavily to the left, because they understand the right hs its own ethos.  Bibi as Prime Minister tends to be populist in his tone and in fact has done a lot to return the daily functioning of the country back to a broad swath of citizenry.  Israel is not perfect, but compared to where it was in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it is economically far more open.  Bibi has almost everything to do with these changes, both internally and abroad.

The recommendation to indict Bibi Netanyahu is the last gasp of a failing leftist and former socialist bureaucracy that is giving way to an Israel that is fast becoming a global powerhouse and a light to the world. One can carry a title of police chief or judge or investigator, but in this battle between truth and falsehood, these positions carry little weight if they are backed by a sinister agenda and bureacratic tyranny.  It is too early to know if Bibi can make it through this attempt to force a soft coup. If he does, expect a serious reforming of the police forces, which is long overdue.