Silent Intifada Weekly Report [April 10, 2016]

There were over 80 terror attacks this past week. Four Jews were injured as a result.

This week as almost every week there were dozens of terror attacks of varying severity not reported in most major media outlets. We report on these silenced events to present a fuller picture of the reality in Israel and balance the picture presented to innocent readers abroad. We hope that by reporting these incidents we can raise awareness so that actions can be taken to rectify this problem and improve reality in the Jewish State.

This past week (Friday April 1st- Thursday April 7th) there were over 80 terror attacks recorded in the Silent Intifada updates on Hakol Hayehudi. Among these were one stabbing as well as many incidents of arson and throwing of stones and firebombs at individuals, vehicles, and homes.

In total four Jews were injured in these attacks.

In a stabbing attack in the industrial district of Rosh Haayin a Jewish woman was injured. She was taken for treatment and her condition was stable.

At Tapuach Junction an Arab attempted to stab security forces and was arrested.

In Hawara in the Shomron, Arabs threw stones several times. In one incident, a stone struck a vehicle being driven by a woman who was on her way to repair damage to her car from a previous attack. The stone injured a passenger in the vehicle. Shortly after the attack, Jewish residents held a protest in Hawara and called on security forces to respond harshly to the continued stone throwing attacks.

Full list of attacks:

Friday April 8th

  • Arabs riot in Al-Arub in Gush Etzion.
  • Arabs riot in Anata near Jerusalem.

2:29- Arabs riot in Dahashiya.

Thursday April 7th

  • Arabs throw stones near Tekoa.
  • Arabs throw stones in Halhul.
  • Arabs throw firebombs in Dahit Al Barid.
  • Arabs throw stones in Malach.
  • Arabs throw firebombs in Yavad.
  • Arabs throw firebombs in Abu Dis.

23:30- Arabs throw paint bombs at the light rail in Shuafat in Jerusalem causing damage.

22:56- Arabs throw stones at IDF forces near Qalandiya.

22:44- Arabs throw stones near Hizme causing damage to a vehicle.

21:00- A woman is injured from stone throwing by Arabs on the road to Adam.

19:00- Arabs roll burning tires near Hevron.

18:37- Arabs throw stones at a bus and vehicles near Kiryat Arba.

17:30- A Jew is injured when Arabs throw stones at his car on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

11:09- Arabs throw stones at vehicles on the Avid Bypass Road causing damage.

Wednesday April 6th

  • Arabs riot in Shechem and throw stones and firebombs at IDF forces on the way to Joseph’s Tomb.
  • Arabs riot in Tekoa in Gush Etzion.
  • Arabs riot near Al-Moyar in Binyamin.
  • Arabs riot in Beit Hanina in Jerusalem.
  • Arabs throw stones near the Beqaot checkpoint.
  • Arabs attack IDF forces in Dahariya in Har Hevron.

22:06- Arabs riot in Silwan in Jerusalem.

Tuesday April 5th

  • Arabs throw stones on Route 443 near Beit Horon.
  • Arabs throw firebombs in Tzurif.

20:48- Arabs throw firebombs at an army vehicle near A-Ram.

20:46- Arabs throw stones near Beitar.

18:37- Arabs riot near Tekoa.

18:30- Arabs riot in Duma.

18:10- Arabs throw firebombs at border police officers in Issawiya in Jerusalem.

17:40- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Efrat.

16:50- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Karnei Shomron.

13:12- Arabs throw stones at vehicles in Luben A-Sharkiya causing damage.

8:41- A driver is injured from stones thrown by Arabs in Hawara in the Shomron.

Monday April 4th

  • Arabs riot in Jeba in Binyamin.
  • Arabs riot in Suchiya in Har Hevron.
  • Arabs riot in Beit Rima.
  • Arabs riot in Silwad in Binyamin.
  • Arabs riot near Maale Adumim.
  • Arabs throw stones in Pesagot.
  • Arabs throw stones in Ras Al Amud.
  • Arabs throw stones at the Adam Junction.

23:44- Arabs throw firebombs at the fence of Pesagot in Binyamin.

22:12- Arabs throw firebombs at vehicles near Shilat Junction on Route 443.

21:12- Arabs throw firebombs at vehicles near Silat Junction.

8:45- Arabs throw stones at vehicles in Hawara.

00:09- Arabs throw firebombs at vehicles near Beni Naim Junction in Har Hevron.

Sunday April 3rd

  • Arabs riot near A-Tira.
  • Arabs throw stones in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in Jerusalem.
  • Arabs riot in Kabatia in the Shomron.
  • Arabs throw firebombs near Ateret.
  • Arabs throw firebombs near Alei Zahav.
  • Arabs throw stones near Rachel’s Tomb.
  • Arabs throw stones near Tekoa.
  • Arabs throw stones and firebombs in Issawiya in Jerusalem.
  • Arabs throw stones in Shukba.
  • Arabs throw stones in Al-Ram.
  • Arabs throw stones near Pesagot.

20:10- Arabs throw firebombs at security forces in Umm Salmona near Efrat.

19:32- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Halhul.

17:25- Attempted terror attack: An Arab was arrested on his way to perpetrating an attack near Beit El.

17:06- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Al-Hadr

16:13- Attempted stabbing: An Arab attempts to stab soldiers at Tapuach Junction.

13:08- Stabbing: An Arab stabs a woman in Rosh Hayin.

10:16- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Al-Hadr.

9:15- Arabs throw stones at vehicles in Hawara causing damage.

Shabbat April 2nd

23:10- Arabs throw firebombs in Issawiya.

21:45- Arabs throw firebombs at vehicles on the road to Maale Adumim.

6:00- Navy soldiers capture a vessel on the way to Gaza and discover ammunition on it.

Friday April 1st

15:32- Arabs and leftist extremists riot at Husan Junction.

15:00- Arabs riot in Kadum.

14:33- Arabs riot at the Tunnels Junction.

13:00- Arabs riot near Shilo.

11:13- Two Arab shepherds throw stones at a female soldier near Susiya.

10:40- Arabs riot in Har Hevron.

8:50- A taxi driver reports that three Arabs attempted to carjack him near Rantis.

(This article was originally published on Hakol Hayehudi)