Hillary Faints, Donald Trump Surging, and 9-11

If Donald Trump ends up as the next US President, pundits will look back at today’s September 11th memorial as the turning point in the race. The even that shifted and cemented The Donald’s surge was the video below, showing a weak knead Hillary Clinton, collapsing on her way into her van.

Yet, 9-11 of 2016 is much more than the seeming turnaround of Donald Trump’s campaign. The date serves as a reminder that the world we all live in is vastly different from the one that existed 15 years previous. Our world is intrinsically intertwined by online movements and behaviours. The developing world is rapidly closing in on a frail and lost West. The Middle East is in complete chaos as the USA recedes to the other side of the Atlantic.

Somehow, Americans have been fed a stream of news on an almost minute by minute basis creating a cacophony of noise that is neither meaningful or meaningless, but rather leaves those who have yet to break free lost and confused. Today they achieved clarity.  The script was broken and this time for good.

This was supposed to be Hillary’s coronation.  A country transformed from the cowboy of Bush to the community organizer of Obama.  Hillary was supposed to bring it all together, but age and stress have taken their toll and now a real estate mogul turned reality TV star is approaching the unthinkable, the Presidency.

The World stands on the crossroads and once again 9-11  is the date which it all happened.