[watch] Bennett Makes a Stand in the Old City Against UNSC Resolution 2334

Minister of Education denounced Resolution 2334 at the Kotel today.

“We’re standing here, in the city of Jerusalem, our eternal capital for 3,00 years,” Bennett said. “Two days ago the UNSC passed a bad decision, to consider this land, our capital, conquered territory.

“But no resolution can change the fact that this land, Jerusalem, is our capital. And no people can be a conqueror in their own land. That’s why this resolution, like many of the earlier resolutions, will be thrown into the dustbin of history.”

Noting the recent increase in terror attacks around the world, Bennett said, “Thousands of terrorists in the world, from Berlin through Paris and New York take a lot of opportunity and happiness in this resolution, of their friends from the Palestinian Authority. The same friends that conduct terror attacks in Berlin, that run over people, that use knives and bombs; that gave out candy when the Twin Towers are destroyed.”

“This is a historic day, which contains both danger and opportunity. I choose to see the opportunity,” Bennett continued. “It’s time for Israel to reevaluate its approach during the past 25 years. The approach where we adopted the Oslo accords, the approach were we gave up territory in Gaza, the approach where we declared the need for a Palestinian state. We thought this approach would gain us sympathy from the world, but instead we got tens of thousands of missiles from Gaza, thousands of Israelis murdered on the streets and one condemnation after another.

“It’s time to decide between two alternatives: surrendering our land, or sovereignty. We’ve tried surrendering our land, it didn’t work; it is time for sovereignty.

“In the near future we will take steps to apply Israeli law to Ma’ale Adumim and the rest of Judea and Samaria. It’s time for Israel to decide,” Bennett concluded.

(Transcript from Arutz 7)


2 Replies to “[watch] Bennett Makes a Stand in the Old City Against UNSC Resolution 2334”

  1. I am an American gentile who dearly loves Israel and all that she stands for. My belief in yeshua even more solidifies my love for Gods chosen lands and peoples.
    God is with you through it all. Israel and Jerusalem are forever. The prophets, including yeshua, clearly tell us what will come of your enemies. When it is done and over with the Kingdom shall be the Lords.

    Obadiah 21
    Then the victorious will ascend Mount Tziyon
    to rule over Mount ‘Esav,
    but the kingship will belong to Adonai.

  2. “We have not taken foreign territory or any alien property, but have occupied our ancestral heritage, for some time unjustly wrested from us by our enemies; now that we have a favorable opportunity, we are merely recovering our ancestral heritage” (Maccabees 1, 15:33-34).

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