ISIS Takes Hostages and Slits Priest’s Throat in Northern France

Jacques Hamel

The hostage event in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy, France is over, but not before the attackers slit the priest’s throat and taking 2 nuns and 2 parishoners hostage.  One witness recalled that the attackers screamed Daesh [ISIS] while they slit the priest’s throat.

Response from Marie LePen, the French far right leader was swift on Twitter. “Horror again in SaintEtienneduRouvray. The nature of the attack clearly makes one fear another attack from islamist terrorists.”

A spokesman for the interior ministry said the knifemen were shot dead as they exited the church. The alarm was reportedly raised by one of the hostages who managed to escape.

France’s Le Point reporting that the priest killed in the attack was 86-year-old Jacques Hamel, ordained in 1958, although this has not yet been confirmed. The website also says multiple sources say the two men identified themselves as ISIS supporters.

The incident comes among a swarm of radical Islamic incidents across Western Europe, unnerving citizens who had up until the last 10-15 days begrudgingly put up with a flood of Syrian refugees and other muslim migrants. The scales now are clearly tipping against the current EU policy.  The solution is not clear as the migrant population in Europe does not seem to be gong anywhere, while Erdogan looks to unleash a new flood of refugees from Syria on the European mainland.

Normandy is but another stop along the way towards an Islamic indiced chaos across the European continent.