ON THE FRONTLINES: Free Free Palestine

Free Palestine

In the 21st Century world of political and social justice tweeting, the slogan Free Free Palestine has been used by Israeli BDS movements around the world.  Like anything else in the struggle over the Land of Israel, names are important as is the history behind them.

In 1964, Yasser Arafat built the Palestine Liberation Organization around the idea of recapturing or conquering the Jewish state of Israel.  Either by a stroke of genius or luck, his choice of the name Palestine has been the single biggest weapon the Arabs of the Land of Israel have used against Israel.  If after all Israel is the rightful heir to the Land what was the need to change the name.  Palestine it always was, wasn’t it?

Of course, we all know that the name Palestine was not used as a legal definition to the land in question until the British created the Mandate of Palestine.  In fact, the Arabs at the time demanded the name the Turks used for the area remain, otherwise known as the area of Southern Syria, which included Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel. It was the Jews who adopted the word Palestinian for themselves. Up until 1948, that was the name that was most synonymous with the cause of returning and creating a Jewish Homeland.

The name Palestine and Jewish Homeland was so intensely intertwined that the major organization that successfully lobbied the Congress for a sovereign Jewish State in the Palestinian Mandate was known as the American Palestine Committee. Two thirds of congress belonged to the committee whose singular aim was to establish an independent Jewish Commonwealth in the Land of Israel.

Free Palestine

So who are the Palestinians today? The question is one of semantics. If history is our guide, the Palestinians are today’s Israelis and the Palestinian flag is essentially the Israeli flag.  Those Arabs purporting to be Palestinian were residents of Southern Syria pushed to migrate to the southern Levant in hopes of blocking the Jewish resettlement of “Palestine.”

The key to peace in the region is removing the appropriation of one’s culture by another.  The Arabs of Southern Syria are nothing more than a vast collection of unconnected clans now conditioned to believe they were once a glorious nation.  These clans have almost nothing in common other than the religious, political, and cultural goal of serving as the spearhead of the neo-colonialist goal of delegitimizing the Jewish connection to te Land of Israel.

In order to destroy the plans of the Western dominated globalist security state is to free Palestine from its false association and rightfully placing it within its proper historical context.