WAR DRUMS: Hezbollah Explosives a Precursor to the Next Conflict

The Israeli military has confirmed that the explosives found in Metulah on the border of Lebanon 3 weeks ago were indeed placed there by Hezbollah.  There are two pervading opinions in the defense establishment, one is the explosives were smuggled into Israel for terrorist attacks. The other opinion believes the explosives were placed in the woods near Metulah to be used at some later date in  a war with Israel.

Although Hezbollah is in no shape to fight a war with Israel while they are taking on ISIS, the newly formed understandings between Turkey and Russia may be a sign that Hezbollah can pull back and let Turkey mop up.  If this is the case then Hezbollah will be well positioned to fight another war with Israel, this time with Iranian forces firmly entrenched on the Golan border.

The explosives are an ominous sign for what awaits Israel as changes in the Middle East are fast underway.