Ali Sonboly: Iranian Refugee Kills 9 Germans, Merkel’s Policy in Tatters


Ali Sonboly, son of Iranian refugees in Germany killed 9 and injured many more in Munich. The attack comes a few days after a 17 year old Muslim refugee attacked passengers on a train in Bavaria with an axe. The attacks come after weeks of reported rapes and violence on the part of refugees that have been allowed to enter Germany and other Western European countries unhindered.

Despite the clear Islamic connection German authorities have refrained from calling it a terrorist attack.  German leadership tried to hide the name until neighbors released it to the media.

Refugee Policy in Tatters

“We are mourning those who will never go back to their families. We share your pain. We think of you. We suffer with you,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said about the attack. “We live together in a liberal society. This freedom is our greatest strength,” she contined.
The challenge now for Merkel and other leaders of countries that have backed such a liberal refugee policy is at one hand offering a clear security plan, while maintaing a sense of control as citizenry in Germany, France, and other Western European countries grow increasingly frantic.
The real message with the attacks in Nice, Bavaria, and now Munich is that open borders where Muslim refugees are able to stream into western societies has created a real sense of deterioration in security.
The Enemy Within
There are no real solutions to Europe’s refugee and terrorist issues.  Far too many undocumented migrants have flooded Europe.  These migrants have no interest in becoming part of the host countries they go to, rather they act as a spring board for radical Islamic terror and a pool of near limitless potential Jihadists waiting to be radicalized.
Western Europe, which long ago lost its backbone does not seem capable of fighting something so outside of their paradigm. Ali Sonboly is essentially one of millions of potential home grown terrorists waiting to strike Europe.
The recent overtures to Israel on becoming a security partner are in effect too little too late.