A NATION IN PROTEST: Breaking The Illusion and The Need For A New Israeli Ethos

More than 15 years ago I was dragged out of the Neve Dekalim Synagogue by four soldiers and then bussed out of Gush Katif. In those moments I wondered why and where the protest movement to stop one of the largest injustices brought upon Israeli citizens by their own government had gone wrong.

The fact is, up until that point and including the Oslo protests headed by Moshe Feiglin, all of the nationalist protests had a sectoral feel to them. They weren’t meant to be sectoral, but Israel with all of its claims of the need for national unity breaks down along tribal lines and that is the failure of all of the protests in the past few years.

True, the disaster of the first Amona protest in 2006, when cops used horses to stampede settler youth, drew condemnation from the left, but the protest itself was not successful – meaning it did not strike a real chord with anyone else except settlers.

A lot has happened since then. Israelis know each other far better than before. Religious Zionists have penetrated the mainstream media and stand poised to take over the army in the next generation. All the while, both Chareidim and Religious Zionists find common ground on many issues.

Still, there appears to be a lack of real unity of purpose other than just survival or standing by while the country’s hi-tech leaders represent their craft as being indicative of the Israeli citizenry as a whole. The more we know each other, the more we realize we are all being pulled along together, without regard to whether or not we want to be heading where we are heading.

Perhaps the uniting factor in this new young generation, growing up in a post Gush Katif reality is the need for a new national ethos. Many settler youth reject their parents’ views that they need to conform to make it in Israel and like many on the left, they see the vacuous drive towards participation in the hi-tech ecosystem as being disconnected from the larger issues plaguing Israeli society.

This is where the intersection has arisen between the protests surrounding Ahuviya Sandak’s death, potentially at the hands of a negligent police and the disconnect many have in Israel from the government and the elite that rules it.

When Hill Top Youth were placed in administrative detention for six months over Duma and then tortured to be made to confess and still be found guilty despite an admittance that the confession came by way of torture – Israelis scratched their head.

True, most questioned it, but then went on with their life. What is going on now is a confirmation that the bias against the idealistic youth of Judea and Samaria is real and the “fringe opinions” over Duma might have had some legs to them after all.

The simple question is now beginning to be asked: Why all this trouble over a handful of teenagers that seem to be only focused on defending Jewish land from Arab squatters?

Why claim these kids are a threat to the entire nation?

The protests are growing, because people see that Ahuvia Sandak’s death is a symptom of a larger problem in Israel. True, we lead the world in innovation, but we are beginning to lose site of what guides us here in the Land in the first place. We have come home, but have buried the vessels of Redemption in the sands of the Negev.

The youth are showing us something else – that rights are not given to us by the police, the judges, or even the Knesset, but rather they are given to us by G-D himself.

In a sense, the hate for these youth by the apparatchiks in the leftwing controlled security forces and judicial system stems from a sense of embarrassment and jealousy. After all, it is supposed their kids doing this – being Zionists, not these rag tag youth of the hills.

Yet, this goes beyond Zionism that guided Jews back to Israel – this is about Redemption itself. For that, one has to leave behind the trappings and false understandings fomented by those who built the early state, which were then foisted on everyone else.

In a sense we have to leave the construct of our assumptions about what we are doing here to see past the illusions that the governing institutions wants us to believe.

No one trusts the police here, yet before this past year there was too much at stake for all of the various groups to unite. Lockdown after ridiculous lockdown has taken its toll on the public and with it, the last remaining barrier that had prevented it from truly making grassroots change.

The youth of the hills are more than just guardians of the Land – they are messengers of a new way, which is really an old way. They are the David to the government’s Saul. We are not meant to come home to our Land and live like other Nations. Our soul’s are whispering that to us – trying to wake us up and these youth are the reminder that we can behave differently.

There is a price for conformity and that is the anonymity the machine wants us to fall into. However, these youth can and will save us from ourselves at the end. Most of us want something else, but we are just too afraid to admit it to anyone else. All of the technology and entertainment has done nothing to quiet the yearning for a shift to a Redemptive paradigm.

These protests are about regaining the process of reawakening what the Jewish return to its Land was supposed to be about. While this might be scary to many here, it is necessary if we are going to complete the transition from a nation like all other nations to one that is truly a Kingdom of Priests.

Israel Behind the News [Dec 28, 2015]

Saudi Grand Mufti says ISIS are ‘Israeli soldiers’

The grand Arab infantalism continues. The idea that ISIS is are Israeli soldiers is about as preposterous as the idea that Turkey is not buying ISIS oil. The Arab world has to come to grips with the fact that Whabiism, which is Saudi in origin has produced some of the leading extreme Islamic Jihadism the World is witnessing.

Major Defeat for ISIS: Iraqi army reclaims key city of Ramadi

ISIS can lose after all. Then again the defeat only happened after the USA, Russia, and Iran decided to work together alongside the Iraqi military.  If it continues, it may be a strategy to use across the wider conflict.

Duma Suspects Continue to be Tortured While Known Arab Murderer Walks Free

If there was ever a proof that something just is not right in the Duma investigation, it is the fact that Asher Hasno murderer walks freely in Hevron, while young Jews are imprisoned by the Shabak for suspected terrorist attacks. It is no wonder that many residents of Judea and Samaria feel like they have no one to turn to in the security establishment.



Israel Behind the News [Dec 3, 2015]

Israeli Youth Said to be Arrested for the Duma Arson

Haven’t we heard this before?  Months ago they threw countless young Israelis into administrative detention with no charges.  Many of those youth are still behind bars. So if they were involved how come no charges were brought and if they were not involved since supposedly there is a new arrest, why haven’t Meir Ettinger, Mordechai Meyer, and Eviatar Slonim and many others been released? It is interesting to note that this new announcement comes on the heels of the UN complaining that the government still has not found the perpetrators.  24 hours later there is a new arrest. There is no coincidence here. Unfortunately they have not brought any evidence to prove the state’s side. If this turns out that after all this time they are just trying to simply beat a confession out of these guys to please the UN, it will come back to haunt the security apparatus.

Israel Fight Back Against EU Anti-Semitism

The government is actually handling the situation with the EU labeling excellently. Part of the reaction is do in part because the EU as an international player is losing its leverage in the face of an ascendant Russia.  Also the Eastern half of the EU seems to be against the move.  Given that Israel finally has some maneuverability.

Israel Moves to Destroy Homes of Arab Terrorists

Many people felt house demolitions would spark a wider conflict with the Arabs living in Israel.  However, the only thing that seemed to happen were some local clashes after the apartment complex belonging to the ring leader behind the Henkin murder was destroyed.  It still remains to be seen how much of a deterrent this really is, but the fact is it sets the stage for expelling the families of these attackers, which most people believe will be a serious deterrent.