From North Korea to Syria, Is Chaos the New Norm?

From threats of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula to a Syrian crisis that appears to be spiralling out of control, the world as we know seems to collapsing and with it the sense of security. Not since World War Two has the world experienced such turbulence. All of us who remember the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of the post Cold War global regime felt that we were finally moving past the grievances of old.  We believed that hi-tech would usher a new and more perfect world.

2017 has proven the above assumptions wrong.

Lurking within us and within society is a beautiful Divine potential to do good.  We feel it and we want it. However, another force is there waiting in the shadows and whispering in our ears to do evil.

Each one of us can bring a new light into the world. We can ignore the daily bombardment of negativity and allow events to unfold the way Almighty wants them to.

The world as we know it, is collapsing.  Chaos is reigning supreme. But this will not last forever. Another world is coming and it is our responsibility to make sure it is a world where our capacity for good outweighs the lust to do evil.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov makes it clear that before the Messiah comes there will be a great flood of non-blief throughout the world. It will seem as if there is no hope, the forces of anti-G-dliness will win and yet, there will be a great yearning for the true and simple faith. “The Redemption rests on the faith of the simple believer,” he told his followers.

Yes the world is out of control and no one can put the breaks on it. We of simple faith know that there will be a far better world after this if we learn to just hold on.