Hamas Breaks Ceasefire, Israel Responds Destroying Military Targets in Gaza

Hamas broke their own ceasefire last night by firing more than five rockets and mortars into Israel.  These landed in populated civilian areas sending residents fleeing into their bunkers.  The IDF attacked back immediately destroying multile military targets in Gaza.

Is War Coming to Israel’s South?

There is no doubt that Iran is pulling the strings of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in order to open up a third front against Israel.  The Gaza front has little to do with conquering territory.  Rather it is being activated with the sole purpose of draining Israel’s resources and attention away from the North, mainly from Iranian movements in and around the Golan. The war being waged against Israel, is designed to exact a psychological toll on Israel’s populace while buying time for Iran to find a hole in Israel’s defenses.

The first round of warfare clearly went to Israel, but unless Russia agrees to the total removal of Iran and Hezbollah from Syria and not just near the Golan, the noose will continue to tighten around the Jewish State.

2 Replies to “Hamas Breaks Ceasefire, Israel Responds Destroying Military Targets in Gaza”

  1. Is Israel bombing empty buildings again? How about bombing the living and breathing human (and I use that term lightly) military wing of Hamas? along with their offices and bunks? Public opinion be damned!

  2. Israel should forget anything ceasefire with the Hamas terrorist organization and go deep and cripple its capabilities of making troubles. Nobody should allow himself to be deceived by thinking that Hamas will ever stop attacking Israel, they declare ceasefire only when they are overwhelmed by Israeli firepower then they look for respite under the guise of ceasefire, Israel should not fall for those cheap gimmicks but should go full length and put the terrorists back to their holes. Good a think Israel realises the fact that Hamas is being backed by Iran therefore Israel should not allow Hamas to create any loophole for Iran to directly attack Israel. Well, I think the IDF knows the implications better than anyone else. Israel, be strong, wiser and faster than your enemies. Long live IDF, long live the state of Israel. Shalom

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