Erev Rav Control, COVID, and The End of Days

Our present exile is an exile of the mind. We have returned, but we have brought with us the sparks of Mitzrayim, Egypt that we carried with us through the entirety of the physical exile. In a sense all fo reality swings between two concepts – Mitzrayim and Israel.

The first is the idea that man is G-D or better yet government is G-D. The second is true freedom, built around the notion G-D is freedom and only he is the revealer of the true law.

We are standing at the precipice between two worlds. A world of human control – a sort of man centered reality devoid of Divine Providence – a resurgent dictatorship embedded within the faceless bureaucracy that strives for total control, yet lacking the address for grievances.

“Obey” it insists. Inject, test, follow. Divide and conquer is its pathway for control.

This effort is led by the Erev Rav. They are spiritual inheritors of those nations that followed the the Twelve Tribes of Israel out of Egypt. They are now fully in control of Israel and in many ways, around the world. They are false leaders who are the elite.

They are represented by Big Pharma, Big Government, and Big Tech – a sort of dystopian cabal who use their power to control the hearts and minds of the masses to squeeze them for money, labor, and energy.

The other world, is the world of truth, faith, and Divine justice.

The current corona madness can be traced to a premeditated release of a pathogen from the Western sponsored coronavirus research facility in Wuhan with mild effect on a majority of people. Why? Because the elite want to use their pharmaceutical companies to enforce their control over the world.

First is the crisis – the pathogen (aka COVID-19). Then there is the solution – vaccines. Lastly, these vaccines will harm the immune system of a majority of adults and children, thus creating needy customers for Big Pharma for the next generation in order to find solutions for the ailments the “vaccine” is causing in people.

The Erev Rav wants control. After all, it is the raison d├ętre of its existence. It wants us to forget who the real G-D is and wants us to bow to them. Just like Mitzrayim positioned its government as the true G-D, they are presenting the government of today’s nation states as the true G-D.

This is the war at the End of Days. Do we fall into the grasp of doubt or do we rise up and understand there is truly only one source for all things?

So how do we break free from today’s global Mitzrayim?

We simply say no. No to false “doctors.” No to corporatized pharmaceuticals. No to masks. No to injections. No to tests. The Creator tells the Nation of Israel that he is their healer. In our world of lies, it is we that need to return to him and rely only on the Creation that he Created for the answers to our health challenges.

The more we give the elite power over our lives the more we are enslaved. However, the more we regain choice in our lives the more we can find a way back to the Creator, true freedom and the Final Redemption we long for.

Like anything else – the choice is ours.