Putin Attacks Ukraine, China Approaching Taiwan, While The West Continues Its Retreat

We are living in a momentous time in world history. No one doubts that. The real question is how do we properly understand the changing world order so we can better equip ourselves for the future. Let me start by saying that those of us who remember the fall of the Soviet Union and its aftermath that was Russia under Boris Yeltsin, have been blind sided by resurgence of what seems like the West’s most useful foe. The last twenty years of Russia’s rise to global power has shattered our imaginations of a unipolar world where consumerism trumps ideology, and technological advancement replaces organized religion.


Those of us who (and I am not one these people) believe the Western media, have believed a narrative that teaches that Russia of today is like the Russia of the Soviet regime. That the Russian Federation has an old and antiquated army, only with a lot fo nukes. The Western media tells us that Putin is just a thug – hoping to regain the lands “stolen” from Russia after the collapse of the Cold War.

The conflict in Ukraine is collapsing this narrative. The world has never been unipolar and what we are seeing is a complete collapse of the domination of the NATO security state in the face of two old empires – Russia and China, who are back and back in a big way.

It must be understand that the West’s collapse has been happening over the last 5 decades and due primarily to a cultural-identity collapse from within. The yearning for a peaceful and unified world and humanity is beautiful, but not realistic. This yearning by the West became a tool of the corporate elite to in some ways enslave the West’s populace. Russia and China also took advantage of this corporate propaganda and over powered the USA and her allies.

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (which only became independent due to Lenin), China too is on the move. The Chinese Communist Party is busy testing Taiwan and sent aircraft into the island’s defense zone today.

Reuters reported: “Taiwan’s air force scrambled again on Thursday to warn away nine Chinese aircraft that entered its air defense zone, Taiwan’s defense ministry said, on the same day that Russia invaded Ukraine, a crisis being watched closely in Taipei.”

The West’s weakness is that its leaders seem to believe their own narrative. They really believe their world, which focuses on materialism and entertainment is a world that everyone wants. This is the West’s great unraveling. There are other things that are important to older cultures. Ancient cultures like China or India don’t really go away, they ebb and flow with history. Much like Israel, who has been around for thousands of years, none of us really disappear, but we have witnessed many others come and go and gone forever.

Unfortunately, Israel’s leaders are enamored with the West. Like the Hellenists of more than 2,100 years ago, their lack of Jewish identity blinds them to the unfolding changes in the stream of World History.

Today’s comments by Israel’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid are a perfect example of this lack of clear Jewish identity. Lapid remarked: “The Russian attack on Ukraine is a serious violation of the international order,” Lapid said. “Israel condemns the attack, and is ready and prepared to provide humanitarian assistance to the citizens of Ukraine.”

This comment is not attached to reality. Russia has serious military equipment and troops to our North in Syria, which is able to strike a devastating blow to Israel. Israel’s leaders still believe the West is here to stay – reality teaches us otherwise.